What is the popularity of soccer?

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Soccer has been the most popular spot in the world for over a century. What is its popularity due to? Why is it so widespread? Why is it not widespread in the United States, at least at the male level? Let’s talk a little about trying to provide some curiosity about this game, which makes people so passionate about it and that every day, by now, brings together millions of fans around the world. The liverpool vs manchester city tickets are perfect there.

Suffice it to say only that the Final of the Soccer World Cup has been the most watched event in the world for decades, even superior to any Olympic competition. Behind the Olympics, overall, the World Championship is the most seen and most popular event. But also the Champions League Final, the European Championship and the main races of the most important national leagues, attract hundreds of millions of viewers everywhere in the world.

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The reasons for the popularity of this sport are easy to understand, but not always explainable. Unlike other sports, soccer requires the participation of more people, and you cannot easily play without a referee.

  • It is then a complete team game: unlike basketball, which is played in 5, the contribution of the individual champion may not be enough to win a competition, we need the involvement of everyone and this clashes with the traditional sporting aspirations of certain, competitive people for nature. Yet despite all this, it is practiced everywhere by millions of young and old.
  • The reason is that apart from the space, which is a member of regular measures only for official competitions, a pitch can be created to play, even in a few, in any corner of the city. The decisive aspect of soccer is that it, therefore, does not need any special equipment to play, at least at an amateur and children’s level. Anyone who has started doing it as a child knows that having studded soccer shoes, a leather ball and goalkeeper gloves was not absolutely necessary to get organized and set up a game that the first to reach “three” wins.

This means that to make a game with friends it takes very little: the same doors at best are represented by two stones or two tin cans, just look at an image of the developing countries, to understand that to organize themselves you don’t need who knows what expense.

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Economic accessibility is fundamental in the fact that sport gains so much popularity. Think about how much more complicated and expensive it is to organize a swimming challenge possible in the case only in summer and in salt water or volleyball. Tennis is a popular sport, played for a century and a half, but the equipment costs and serves a tracked field because the game is playable, even for the regularity of the service. The only sports so popular that you can practice with little, and that not by chance have a similar story to soccer, are boxing, very ancient and known in the classical Olympics, and cycling, which can be played with few equipments, but not with the same ease of soccer, in any case. The rules of soccer are however, easy to learn during the game and do not prevent or understand the game.