What Is Aromatherapy Massage?


An aromatherapy massage is employed for a spread of various reasons, together with relaxation, pain management, and improved mood. These also are a number of the fundamental advantages of massage medical care 마사지 . Adding essential oils is believed to reinforce such advantages.

Some of the foremost fashionable essential oils employed in aromatherapy include:

  • eucalyptus
  • ginger
  • lavender
  • lemon
  • orange
  • peppermint
  • tea tree

Aromatherapy is usually added to a standard massage session as an additional service. The massage healer would possibly diffuse a necessary oil within the area throughout your session or they could add a couple of drops of oil to massage lotion and apply it on to your skin.

Massage medical care itself consists of the manipulation of muscles and liquid body substance nodes through skilled pressing and rubbing techniques.

Some forms of massages include:

  • deep tissue
  • Swedish
  • prenatal
  • hot stone massage

Essential oils will be added on to any sort of massage for aromatherapy functions.

Massage medical care has been coupled to a short decrease in physical aches and pains and improved mood. Adding a necessary oil for associate aromatherapy massage will doubtless enhance the consequences.

For example, if you have got aches and pains from depression, then adding a mood-boosting oil like orange may conjointly cause you to feel higher.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils sure as shooting advantages. Examples embrace lavender, orange and Citrus bergamia, and eucalyptus. These “aromas” area unit all plant-based derivatives from herbs, tree extracts, and flowers. Essential oils area unit very focused therefore to be used properly they ought to be diluted into milder oils, humidifiers, or lotions.

The overall purpose of aromatherapy is supposed to boost your physical and mental well-being. additional shoppers area unit testing out volatile oil merchandise than ever before by dispersive them reception or diluting them for skin usage.

Does aromatherapy work?

Scientific research concerning the health effects of aromatherapy is mixed or lacking. According to the NCCIH, stimulating oils to spice up the mood is found effective in some studies. samples of these embrace lemon, orange, and tangerine. However, lavender, tho’ wide thought-about safe, was found to not have an effect on mood in this same study.


Another study checked out the consequences of herb and massage medical care for anxiety relief. per the National Cancer Institute (NCI)Trusted supply, the results showed a bigger decrease in anxiety symptoms when massages with herb versus massage while not aromatherapy.

Overall, the NCI notes that aromatherapy has shown advantages for the subsequent uses:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • nausea
  • pain
  • Aromatherapy massage risks

There area unit typically few risks related to aromatherapy massage. One thought is feasible sensitivity to the essential oils used throughout your session. Your message healer must always dilute the oil with massage lotion or carrier oil before applying to the skin.

If you’re unsure about a few explicit oils, raise the healer to diffuse it within the area rather than applying it on to your skin.

Possible symptoms of associate hypersensitivity to essential oils include:

  • rash
  • hives
  • redness
  • swelling
  • itchiness

Another thought is that the lack of regulation over volatile oils associated with essential oil merchandise employed in an aromatherapy massage. Since several essential oils area unit thought-about cosmetics, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate them for safety and effectiveness.

An antenatal massage itself is usually thought-about safe. If you have got calf pain or a history of blood clots, don’t get a massage. If you’re searching for associate aromatherapy massage whereas pregnant, speak to a doctor concerning that oils are also safe before time. There’s concern that essential oils will cross over into the placenta and lead to vertebrate hurt.