The coolest facts about the game

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Gaming is not only a habit but also a career for many people. There are no rules and restrictions to be a gamer. The only thing required to be a gamer is talent. Not everyone can believe that you can earn money by playing games. researchers found that the people who played video games are faster at performing and made 37 percent fewer mistakes than those who didn’t play game  generally. These games can boost up your brain and increase your mental capacity. The game is a workout for your mind. The shy person can use the games to get connected with people. Playing games online with an unknown person can result in risk.

Tips to play the game safely

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Like the coin, the game also has its two sides. The games have their merits and as well as demerits. So, people have to play the game carefully. The game Can make you addicted. So here a few Precautions for the safe use of the game.

Always prefer to Choose a safe user name. Be sure that your user name doesn’t include your original name, your date of birth, or your mobile number. Don’t use your real face in a profile picture. Make sure that your profile picture could not be used to identify you. Use a strong password to your account.

Games are one of the best ways to find friends. But consider how much you share about yourself with online friends. Don’t share your details such as phone number, photo, and address. Sharing original details to the unknown person maybe results in danger.

Few people play the games as long as they can without break. This is a sign that you are getting addicted to the game. Take a short break while playing a game. That can help you to stay strong and healthier. Incessant of the game can harm you. It causes feeling tired And anger. So take a break when you get bored in playing games and feel tired.

Don’t buy things for games. If you want to buy it, don’t choose the other websites. Ask the person and get advice from him who has experience in buying the same item.

It can be dangerous that Downloading cheats or mods from websites other than the official game website.

Signs of getting addicted to the game

Here a list of few signs which show you that you are getting addicted to the game.

  • It prevents you from doing other things you like to do. It makes you think that playing games are essential than any other option.
  • You can’t control the habit of playing games. Your mind always thinks about the game. The game will influence you without your permission. You became addicted to the game without knowing. As you play it a lot, your mind always thinks about that.
  • It stops or makes to procrastinate the essential works like homework, sleeping, jogging, and eating.
  • It gives you the thought that playing games are the only way for you to feel better. You believe that the only way to feel pleasure is by playing games.

The game will make you spend more time and money on it. Aware of these signs. Play the game at the limit.