System Restore and How the Data Recovery Tool is Helpful There

data recovery

If System Restore does not resolve the problem and the computer still do not start, booting from the Windows installation DVD provides a final option to repair the computer and resolve the startup problems. To enable DVD booting, you must first make sure that the DVD player is set as the first boot device via the BIOS of the computer usually press the Del key immediately after starting up the computer if this is not yet the case. Along with that you can also go for the data recovery software as a precaution to keep the data safe.

When the computer is set up so that it first tries to start from DVD, the computer will first ask you if you really want to. Press any key, for example the space bar, to indeed start the computer from DVD. Windows 7 offers the option of restoring Windows through the installation procedure so that your computer restarts normally.

However, there is a possibility that trying to restore Windows from the installation DVD will also not work. But even then, nothing is still lost because a PC will always restart as usual when we reinstall windows.

Repair your Windows 10 PC

data recovery

Windows 10 offers you various recovery options. These can be accessed by holding down the Shift key previously discussed while clicking the Restart option. An option that is supposedly located under the Close button. But also when you start the PC from, for example, a USB stick with the installation files from Windows 10, you will have access to a number of recovery options from Windows 10.

  • With the Windows 10 recovery options, you can try, among other things, to restore the system with System Restore or choose to reset the PC. Resetting the PC more or less means that Windows is reinstalled on your PC. You can choose to do this while retaining your personal files. But removing everything and starting all over again with a fresh empty PC is also possible.
  • A computer that no longer starts up is said to always get you back on track by reinstalling Windows. If something is wrong with a hardware component of your PC, then replacing the broken component is usually sufficient to have the computer start up as usual.

Fortunately, it can also be simpler. The current system can namely be transferred to the new hard disk by using free image software. The entire system including the personal data is simply transferred from the old to the new disk. Finally, the old disk can be replaced by the new one and the job is done.

An Wise Step

It is wise to let the static electricity escape before the cabinet is opened. This can be done, for example, by simultaneously touching the grounded heating and the iron frame of the PC. Also make sure that the printed circuit board on the bottom of the hard disk is not touched or damaged.

Replacing the hard drive is not really complicated. Turn off the computer and disconnect the power. In most cases, the hard disk is easily accessible somewhere under the DVD players, usually recognizable by the wide 80-wire data cable. Carefully disconnect the data cable and the power cable plug with yellow, red and black wires. The hard disk can then be unscrewed.