Perfecting the Options for the Destiny 2

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When you invoke the Primal, it is surrounded by a shield. To remove it and begin to cause damage, it is necessary to kill three witches at first two appearances, and then another after their death. With the Cheap Destiny 2 option, you need to be choosy.

After the murder of the last witch, a split appears in its place indicated by an asterisk. Standing in it, you get the Primitive Slayer buff, which increases boss damage. At the end of the time you need to do the operation and again transgress to inflicting damage on the boss. In this case, the buff will stack with the previous ones, which significantly increases your damage.

Level and strength

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To deal with strong bosses and other players in Destiny 2 without any problems, you need to have good equipment at high rates. If you are only getting to know the Destiny series, then you should know that the game has two important characteristics that reflect your character’s process this is level and strength.

Strength shows the overall progress of the character and serves as a unit for calculating the damage done by special abilities. It increases in the process of increasing the level of equipment and is calculated on the basis of average indicators of armor protection and weapon attack.

Strength Tips in Destiny 2

  • Do not store Engrams, as they are valuable precisely while you are,
  • Use merging on things up to 260 units of force is not necessary. In the future, your favorite weapon will come in handy,
  • Until you get 260 points of power, you can ignore the secondary tasks.

How to quickly upgrade to level 20 in Destiny 2

In the game, the level does not play a big role, but the best rewards and events open only when you get the maximum level. That is why you need to take level 20 as quickly as possible. The usual killing of enemy characters does not give much experience, so we advise you to perform the following actions:

  • Plot tasks give not only experience but also open merchants,
  • Adventures that can be obtained from regional merchants allow you to pump levels between story quests.
  • Strength increase up to 260 units

Having pumped your character to level 20, you can begin to increase the level of strength to 260 units. This is an intermediate result before getting the highest mark. Please note that the performance of items does not depend on the general level of strength but on the characteristics of certain individual parts of the equipment. For example, if your bib has 220 units of force, and the total figure is 260, then the new bib will most likely have the strength of 220-230.

Ways to increase strength in Destiny 2:

Visit regional traders as often as possible quite often they can find different things from them to increase the strength indicator. After this, you can safely go hunting Engram,

Upgrade regional merchants to do this, open lost sectors, complete adventure quests, participate in events and find rare resources and regional chests, exchange tokens.

  • Open chests in sectors they contain a good loot,
  • Take part in trials after completing tasks on Io, Ikora can receive daily tasks on the farm,
  • Perform strikes you will receive a reward from the Zaval, as well as loot from bosses,
  • Inspect all dropped objects green and blue items can also increase strength.

As a result, after level 20 you will receive the legendary Engram,