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History 1992-2003


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The Quinceaños in Mexico


The birth of a lamb in photographs

Click to read about the farm in Mexico supported by Mexico Child Link

Read about the farm in Mexico supported by Mexico Child Link

Street child

What are street children?

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Mexico information and resources for schools

Aztec Information

Snaith Primary school Award winning school site with lots of Aztec information
Nettlesworth Primary school More Aztec information & a quiz
Aztec Calendar Converts today's date into the Aztec time system.
Aztec Music Instruments and Rhythms
Aztec agriculture The chinampas (floating islands) in Tenochtitlan
Aztec culture & society More information on art, education, war, family life, farming.


Schools in Northern Ireland and the UK: contact Mexico Child Link if you are interested in setting up a link with us: We can visit your school to talk about our project work and life in Mexico.


Mexico and Mexican links

Mexico Factfile Country statistics & general Mexican information.
More facts about Mexico Geography, history, location
The day of the dead Find out what happens in Mexico at Hallowe'en time
Popocatépetl live web cam Famous Mexican volcano - 6 hour time difference. Currently active
Map of Mexico Find Puebla State where the Mexico Child Link project is located?
Pelibuey Sheep Mexican sheep breed kept on the Mexico Child Link farm
What are piñatas? A history of the piñata
The 1985 Mexico City earthquake Read about the damage

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