How the satellite’s communications are made between the earth and other satellite?

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Broadcasting means the actual transfer of video, audio, and sound from one location to the other location by using the satellite connection. And one such important thing for this broadcasting is that it will not function without getting access to the internet connection. While most people do not know about the actual thing that happens behind every telecasting. It is one of the hardest things to record the live session which are transmitted through satellites, but while the absence of rehearsing we could able to record the live session too. By this set of the article let us move much deeper to get acknowledgement about the بث مباشر

بث مباشر

What are the possibilities to watch the live telecasting by staying in our home?

While before starting the telecasting, the service provider should make sure whether he has downloaded the video shot after recording it. Even it is recorded and does not connect with the server then it would be such an impossible thing to create those live streaming. Right now we have completely recovered from the pressure that is created from our countryside that is related to the corona effect. And now there will not be any kind of issues until the other wave starts spreading. Here there are major steps to complete all of these processes, for example, first, the video is compressed or encoded. Then it is automatically removed and edited according to the version of how the audience would like to watch the video. Then after matching all those background effects it would be ready to start the telecasting process.

If there is a live session started it will not get stopped within 100 to 200 people the telecasting thing should apply to more than one million people around the world. And it should be made even the person is staying from the other countryside. Here the actual importance is about the bandwidth for example the bandwidth and antenna frequency is being important for this live broadcasting. CDN is one of the important things to start the live session and it could be able to serve the content all around the world people even they are located in a different location and connected their mobile phones with different technologies. Here the actual purpose of using the CDN technology is to reduce the latency effect while the cause of the streaming process.

How much the camera and production rate would differ from the telecasting process?

Here if see the production cost it would be more than a million because according to the game managing people the production team should pay an average amount for the players to make them play on the ground. Only when they pay for the players who play inside the ground are they could able to earn money from it. Making such kind of interesting things would be possible in time but not all time. Even the cameras they used to record the games would cost more than half-million because a normal camera and its type will not give much clarity while recording through it but it can be made possible by using the popular and specially made focusing cameras to record the entire game session.