Choose the Best WordPress Plugin As You Wish to Have

WordPress Plugins

Let’s say you have a problem with your theme. There is no way to make the sidebar appear in any way. You have turned all the settings, checked everywhere, you have also started to read the code of your pages (without obviously understanding anything) looking for a solution. Nothing. Zero sidebars. The use of WordPress Plugins is essential there.

What do you do with a free theme?

  • Forget about it and resign yourself to having a site without a sidebar.
  • Call a specialized technician who perhaps with fifty euros, but only because it’s you, can give you a hand.
  • Contact the support of the topic and wait a couple of months for someone to give you a solution.

What do you do with a paid theme?

Contact theme support and get same-day support. End. There are no other options. When we choose a premium theme or plugin rather than free, we do it mainly for support. Obviously the choice is up to you. First, evaluate the purpose of your website. Of course, if you just want to make a holiday diary online for friends and relatives to see, then ok to the free theme.

Our tips on where to find the best WordPress themes

WordPress Plugins

Choosing the theme is complicated, but also choosing the website on which to choose the theme is not easy. Life is all about choices. “At the most important crossroads in life, there is no signage.” Right, dear Hemingway. This is why we decided to revolutionize this absolute truth at least a bit and put some road signs myself.

Themeforest: the best-paid WordPress templates

Best WordPress themes

So here is the bigger sign of indications:

Themeforest -> this way.

Why should you follow this indication?

First of all, very high-quality themes, such as Stylemix themes.

We ourselves often buy my favorite themes here, and especially the one we are most fond of, namely Enfold. And if we need something special, we can orient me using categories. If we have doubts, however, we turn to the community and user reviews, always very precise and reliable.

In fact, we’ll explain my method in more detail:

  • Position the mouse on the WordPress item of the menu.
  • Select the category you are interested in.
  • Click on All to view all the results.
  • Order the results by Best Sellers.
  • Scroll the list going to look for those with 5 stars.

Click on the one you are interested in and look for the Compatible with a section on the right. Here you will find all the plugins and the version of WordPress with which the theme is compatible. If the latter is not present, leave it alone. Scroll again and look for the Layout item. If it’s not responsive, leave it alone. These steps already allow you to make the first selection. Then read the descriptions and try the features by clicking on Live Preview.

This Themeforest function is very strong because you can discover the potential of the theme without having to install it. Finish your selection by taking a look at the comments of those who have already tried it. Know that with Themeforest theme updates are always free and even receive an email when they are available.