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  • Atlixco is situated 30 km south west of Puebla City via the Atlixcayotl motorway.
  • It is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Mexico City via the Puebla motorway.
  • Its population in the 2001 census was given as 119,813
  • It claims to have the best climate in the world. (El mejor clima del mundo)


Why did we locate the Mexico Child Link project in Atlixco?

Independently of Atlixco's bold claim to have the best climate in the world, during 1994 we carried out extensive research in order to locate the project in a suitable place for abandoned children with learning disability. Atlixco was chosen because:

  • It is well connected to Puebla City, which is the state capital and administrative centre where our partner organization has its office.
  • It has a great all year round climate for the farm where the children learn agricultural skills.
  • There is a state-run special school in Atlixco which the children can attend.
  • We located a 2 acre affordable site with electricity, irrigation water and good soil.
  • There is a calm and relaxing atmosphere where the children can grow and develop away from the hardship abuse and violence which they had known before.

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Atlixco - Emigration to the United States and New York

Apart from the best climate in the world, there is another side to Atlixco - the poverty which forces local people to become economic migrants. Although there has been investment from Korean companies in recent years, the local people complain that pay and working conditions are poor. There have been a number of strikes in a Korean factory which produces clothing for Nike.

apple seller

There are literally thousands of Atlixquenses working in the streets, restaurants and laundrettes of New York. This has created many problems. Families are split up and local employers are left with a shortage of labour. Economic migration is a leading indicator in the homelessness and abandonment of children. There are dozens of casas de cambio in Atlixco and many families depend upon the dollars sent back from the US. Criminal gangs control the lucrative people trafficing business and the going rate is about $2000 dollars for safe arrival in New York. This is a massive amount of debt for people used to earning $5 -$8 dollars a day in Atlixco. Debt is so common that local people use the play on words of endrogarse (dope yourself) instead of endeudarse. (get into debt) In Mexico, black humour is often the only way out of a financial crisis.





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Atlixco - what is there to see?

Atlixco's Zocalo was refurbished in Spring 2003 with a special grant from Unesco and now has a much larger paved pedestrian area.

The church in the zocalo in Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico

The central area is given over to a densely shaded area with many centuries-old trees such as Ash, Palm and the red flower topped Tulipan. These surround a hexagonal cafe which houses a branch of Italian Coffee Co.It has a rooftop area where you can have a coffee and watch the squirrels racing up and down the tree trunks.


There are some great Talavera fascades, especially the town hall and the Union headquarters on the corner of Calle Libertad.

Forget about the new Dominos Pizzeria. There is a long established and friendly local pizzeria on the opposite corner of the Zocalo - the Hosteria del Parque.




The Hosteria del parque - a great Pizzeria

On Tuesdays and Saturdays there is a chaotic street market - the Tianguis, where you can buy fruit and vegetables as well as pots, pans and other local goods. Watch out for the pickpockets.

Atlixco is also a great base for exploring other places of interest.

Tochimilco is about 20 kilometres away is a great place for walking as it has many springs and is lush and green all year round.

The volcano Popocatépetl is a 2 hour drive away and you can still drive all the way up to the Paso de Cortes even though the volcano has been active on and off since 1994

The famous Poblano churches of Acatepec and Tonantzintla are a half hour drive away, just off the road to Puebla.

The Nahuatl Indian town of Cuetzalan is a 4 hour drive from Atlixco.

Huaquechula, a half hour drive from Atlixco, is famous for its Day of the Dead celebrations.


Mexico Child Link is a UK registered charity which sponsors projects in Atlixco & Puebla, Mexico for homeless children, abandoned children and orphans with learning disability, many of whom are ex street children.


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